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Dental Care

At Veterinary Medical Center of the Woodlands, we recommend a dental exam at least once a year which helps protect your pet and catch problems before they become more serious. During regular wellness exams, we check for signs of dental disease and make recommendations for a dental care routine. Left untreated, dental disease isn’t just bad for your pet’s teeth; it can damage internal organs, including the heart, liver, and kidneys which is why this is such a crucial part of your pet’s overall health care.

We also recommend at-home dental care including brushing your pet’s teeth regularly which is the single most effective way to maintain dental health between professional dental cleanings.




“The staff here is amazing. They are so responsive, both with in-person appointments and on the phone. The hours are flexible and they open early and stay open late.”




“Wonderful medical center, excellent doctors that shared their knowledge of my dogs breed and things to watch out for. They had excellent customer service and we were all laughing in the exam room.”

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“I have been taking my 14y/o Pomeranian to see them since moving to the Woodlands for the past year. They are excellent and we have been very pleased that they viewed her as a family member and not just our pet.”