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Preventative Dental Care for Your Cat 09/29/20 - 12:00 pm

Cats, just like any other pet, needs regular care from the veterinarian including dental exams and cleanings. Dental disease is one of the most common…

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Choosing the Right Veterinarian for Your Pet’s Dental Needs 09/08/20 - 12:00 pm

If you are a pet owner, you may already know how important it is to schedule regular wellness visits to the veterinarian, however, you may…

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How to keep your dog safe in and out of the water this summer 08/18/20 - 12:00 pm

Many people have been especially cooped up these past few months. That anxiousness we feel to get outside, stretch our legs, and maybe even cool…

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Signs Your Cat or Dog May Have a Dental Health Problem 07/28/20 - 6:14 pm

Many pet owners don’t think about it, but their animal companions need dental care just as much as humans do. That’s why annual dental examinations…

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The Importance of Summer Grooming for Your Pet 07/07/20 - 6:11 pm

When the weather heats up, you may wonder how your pet handles higher temperatures with a body covered in fur. Dogs and cats actually have…

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Top 10 Dental Problems in Cats and Dogs: Fractured Teeth 02/03/18 - 4:36 am

Fractured teeth are very common in dogs and cats. Chewing on hard toys, sticks, cages, hard play toys, catching rocks, running into objects, or objects…

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Top 10 Dental Problems in Cats and Dogs: Discolored Teeth 02/14/18 - 4:34 am

Teeth are comprised of four major components – Enamel, Dentin, Cementum, and Pulp, which you will learn about over the next few weeks. Discolored teeth…

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Top 10 Dental Problems in Cats and Dogs: Periodontal Disease 01/31/18 - 4:38 am

Preventative dental care helps protect your pet and catch problems before they become more serious. Since most pet dental disease occurs below the gums, it…

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6 Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet 02/15/18 - 12:07 pm

February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month! You may have heard that spaying or neutering your pet has benefits; But what are those benefits? From…

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Top 10 Dental Problems in Cats and Dogs: Worn Teeth 02/19/18 - 12:04 pm

Pets spend most of their lives chewing on things, and their teeth can show wear and tear over time. Worn teeth can be caused by…